Monday, October 16, 2017

Extra Spooky Time In Disneyland

For the month of October, my friend somehow convinced me to go to Disneyland twice (read about our second trip here) to experience their Halloween themed attractions. After that week in Disney World earlier this year, it's really hard to say no to another Disney trip so..

Upon entering, we were greeted by pumpkins carved in many different shapes of Disney characters. The halloween spirit was definitely strong in there and we're most excited to ride the special edition of Haunted Mansion.

One thing I found out during this trip, you can actually walk up to Aurora's Castle and it tells the story of Sleeping Beauty! I've always thought the castle in Disneyland is just a facade and no interior :o

We're hoping to visit during Mickey's Halloween Party next year. I heard the parade and fireworks show are extra spooky!

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