Saturday, February 17, 2018

Weekend Getaway: Santa Rosa - Point Reyes National Seashore - Tule Elk Preserve

By this time, you'd probably know that I have an obsession over The Naked Pig - up to the point that I'd make a trip to Santa Rosa just so I can have my bacon waffle fix :p Last weekend, I went up north to Santa Rosa to stay for a night and headed west toward Point Reyes National Seashore where the tule elks are..

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Stumbled upon this recently renovated budget friendly motel in Santa Rosa that happens to be located right next to The Naked Pig (our love is meant to be, I'm telling you). The Astro Motel is a perfect place for fans of mid-century modern design!

My undying love. The only reason to keep coming back to Santa Rosa. Everything they serve is amazing.

Our stay for the second night is with The Lodge at Point Reyes. I've been to Point Reyes so many times before that the idea of staying overnight never came up because it's too close to home but I'm SO happy I decided to do it this time:) 

The beautiful back garden of our hotel. 

In the afternoon, the hotel staff baked some cookies that we got to enjoy while sitting on these chairs overlooking the creek.

Our room comes with a fireplace and a window nook <3

After spending some time in our lovely hotel, we were ready for our hike to find those tule elks. I've done my research and I was pretty confident that we're going to see them. The trail starts here at Pierce Point Ranch.

After about 40 minutes hike along the ocean with beautiful views left and right (even if the elks didn't show up, I wouldn't complain a thing)... we finally saw them.. standing pretty close to the trail, enjoying some peace and quiet and just doing their thing. It's cool because it seemed like they've learned to coexist with the passerby.  

After a while, we saw them moved from one side of the trail to the other.. it turns out to be dinner time for them! Now THAT is a five-star dining experience :) 

Our hike ended just in time for us to catch a glimpse of the sunset. 

Went to downtown Point Reyes for some shopping and a quick lunch before getting ready to head back home. 

I truly believe that the journey of a trip can sometimes be the best part of it. We saw this beautiful church in Nicasio Valley and were in awe by it. It's not on my itinerary because I didn't even know it exists or we're going to drive pass it. 

Here's the itinerary for this trip if you're curious..
• Drive to Santa Rosa after work
• Stay a night at The Astro Motel

• Have brunch at The Naked Pig 
• Get coffee from Dutch Bros 
• Get some fresh bread from Wild Flour Bakery at Freestone
• Park at Pierce Point Ranch and hike the Tomales Point Trail
• Stay a night at The Lodge at Point Reyes

• Drive back home

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