Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bryce and Zion National Park: A Las Vegas Weekend Getaway Idea

There are many people who are against traveling with a guided tour group.. I actually swear by it :) It took away all the stress in the planning and long hours driving. And if you're like me who has a full-time job and only travels on the weekend, sometimes a guided tour group is exactly what you need to get to places that you want to see in the shortest amount of time.

I really wanted to visit both Zion and Bryce National Park this time but we only have a day to do it so..

We booked a day tour from Vegas to both parks. The driver picked us up at 6 am in a comfortable mini van and it took less than 15 minutes for everyone in the car to doze off :p

After a fully rested 4 hours drive, we arrived at out first stop, Bryce Canyon. All of our jaws were dropped (literally) upon seeing the view laid in front of us.

At Bryce Canyon, hoodoos range in size from that of an average human to heights exceeding a 10-story building. Formed in sedimentary rock, hoodoo shapes are affected by the erosional patterns of alternating hard and softer rock layers.

After spending a good couple of hours in Bryce Canyon, our tour guide made sure that everyone in the group have had taken all the photos we wanted before heading out to our second stop, Zion Canyon.

Zion Canyon is a deep and narrow gorge carved by the North Fork of the Virgin River. Nearly the entire canyon is located within the western half of Zion National Park.

The trip to Zion Canyon was definitely not long enough for us but I felt very satisfied with how much I saw within a day. I can't wait to plan another trip back to Zion!

It was a great day and being able to see two major national parks comfortably is definitely a win for this trip! Highly recommended for anyone who's visiting Vegas over a weekend and is looking for something fun to do :)

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