Thursday, March 12, 2020

Japan Photo Series: Unpacking 3 days in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan
As part of my Japan series, I will be showing highlights from my past trip to Japan with my family over the period of two weeks at the end of 2018. We visited Hokkaido, Kyoto and Tokyo. You can find highlights of Hokkaido and Kyoto on my previous posts.

It’s so hard to unpack Tokyo even after just being there for a short three days so I’m going to highlight some of my favorite moments from Tokyo..

Shibuya crossings - a perfect mess
At first glance, everything seemed to be in complete chaos but to my surprise, people were moving in perfect synchronization. Shibuya Crossings was to me the exact representation of what Tokyo is, so freakin hectic and chaotic but yet things just work perfectly.

We were overwhelmed with the amount of food options that Tokyo had to offer so we just randomly walked into an Okonomiyaki place on our first day. It’s really hard to have a bad meal in Japan!

Had to visit Disney Store in Japan because all their items are way cuter than the US ones. Also, they have an obsession over Duffy and they kawaiiiii.

One afternoon, after all of us were done with our shopping, we hung out at Cafe Comme Ca for an afternoon snack. I still remember how good this fruit tart tastes till this date.

Saw the crowd at Takeshita Street (Harajuku) and turned away
After we got to Harajuku, all of us were shocked by the amount of crowd we saw at Takeshita Street. We hesitated for a while but I knew from the look of everyone’s faces, none of us really wanted to go in. So we quickly took some photos of the sign and walked to Omotesando area instead.

How cool is this ceiling design at Tokyu Plaza?

I was fascinated by all the storefronts design in Tokyo so I took plenty of photos.

Had tea while surrounded by the prettiest flowers
A friend recommended Aoyama Flower Market so we came in early one day and managed to get a table when they opened. From the decor to the food presentation, everything about this place just screams ‘Instagrammable’.

Such a great business idea for florist? Somebody should start one in the Bay Area!

Strolling in and around Omotesando
On our last day, we went back to Omotesando and spent the entire afternoon there. Is this where all the cool people shop in Tokyo?

We also stopped by a couple of coffee spots in the area and my favorite was Café Kitsuné.

Our trip to Tokyo, though short, was a memorable one for all of us and we will definitely be back for a longer stay next time!

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