Saturday, August 12, 2017

Immersive Color Experience At Color Factory, San Francisco

When I first heard about Color Factory, I was a little bit skeptical. It sounds like another business that's trying too hard to become a viral sensation. During its opening month when not that many locals knew about it, I managed to snag a couple of tickets and visited on the first week of its opening. Here's what I thought...

I was right about it. Nothing about the experience felt like being in a museum. I wasn't inspired or anything. It felt more like going into a big photo studio with different themed walls for you to take plenty of selfies. That doesn't mean I wasn't having fun though! I guess I was coming in with a different expectation that I'd learn something about color? Once I sort of figured out that people come here for the sole purpose of 'the gram', I totally took advantage of being there and snatched a couple of pics myself :)

The giant ball pit towards the end was definitely the highlight! And we're so lucky that we went there during its opening week because even then we felt grossed out by the fact that it's probably already filled with all kind of germs and adult socks. Ew! Anyway, it was still a fun experience to visit with a group of friends. We definitely was having tons of fun trying to navigate/swim in the ball pit because when was the last time you went into a ball pit since you're an adult?

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