Saturday, September 23, 2017

Why I picked Denver, Colorado To Visit

When I proposed going to Denver to my friend who usually travels with me, I did not get the excitement that I was hoping to get. I had my doubts too when planning for it initially but the plane tickets were cheap so I went with my guts and a couple of weeks later, we landed in Denver..

First impression of the city: it's huge. Even the highways felt a little wider than the ones we have in California. Also, people drive really fast. On the second day, we rented a car and hit up a couple of local tourist spots..

Denver turns out to be an interesting city with many pleasant surprises. We started the day at the U.S Air Force Academy and took a couple of awesome shots of the chapel. In the afternoon, we visited Garden of the Gods for a short afternoon hike.

The next day, we bought a bus tour that would take us to see the Rocky Mountains. It was a little bit underwhelming.. maybe we went during the wrong season? I heard it looks really pretty during the fall.

Would I ever come back to Denver? Probably not.. but I would probably do it for the Rocky Mountains in the fall.

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  1. Seems like a great trip to do with family, with something in it for everyone. We did a road trip in NZ, the driving is the same direction as in Denver , so not stressful for us. Loved Colorado Sound and almost all of the picturesque place.


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