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7-Day Alaska Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise on Celebrity Solstice

In 2016, me and my family went on a 7 Nights Alaska Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise (which has now changed its name to Alaska Glacier Cruise) trip on Celebrity Solstice and had a wonderful time. It has been 2 years since then so I’ll try my best to rekindle my memories and briefly write down some of the best highlights from this trip..

The Cruise
This was my first cruise trip as an adult so everything felt very exciting to me. Buffet all day long? Sounds like my kind of vacation!

The ship was huge and there were always activities happening every hour. Unfortunately for me and brother, we didn't find them entertaining - mostly because it’s either catered towards older crowd or kids - so we didn’t do much of them but our parents though, they were raving about the line dance classes in the evening. I would recommend bringing with you a good book or a good TV show to binge for the trip. There are also plenty of lounge chairs on the deck for you to sit on, take a nap, stare at the infinite ocean endlessly and do nothing completely...

Book shore excursions!
One thing that we didn’t do before the trip was to book excursions. Being a cruise noob, I didn’t know that you have to book excursions at every port. Even if it is just a tour of the city, an excursion will get you out beyond the areas that are populated with tourist traps and bad souvenirs shops, so I highly recommend you doing it. Booking them online before the trip will give you time to do some researching. Because we didn’t do it beforehand, we had to rely on recommendations from the shore excursion crew.

Some of the excursions that I remember us choosing was.. Alaskan Lodge Adventure & Seafeast in Ketchikan, Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, White Rail Scenic Pass in Skagway and Whale Watching Trip in Victoria, Canada.

My parents were mostly excited about this seafest. Growing up near the ocean, both of my parents LOVE eating seafood so this first excursion that we chose was a win.

Another highlight of the trip was when our captain announced that we were reaching Tracy Arm Fjord on one early morning and we got to witness this beauty from the deck of the ship.

All in all, it was a great and refreshing trip for all of us and we were glad to be able to spend some time together taking a much deserved break in a beautiful place like Alaska. Would I do it again? Yes to cruising but no to Celebrity Cruise. I noticed that the target group for this cruise line was slightly older and we couldn’t find activities that were entertaining for the both of us (me and my brother are in our late 20s). For my next cruise adventure.. I’m thinking Disney Cruise Line could be awesome.

Celebrity Cruise has changed the name of this itinerary since then so if you're interested in taking this trip, this would be the one you should look into that follows the same itinerary:

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